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Controlling Bodies & Registries

Aust. Canine Controlling Bodies | Animal Registries

Australian Canine Controlling Bodies

Animal Registries     (All Breeds, National)
These organisations can list your dog on their databases, to assist with a quick return if your dog should get lost.

Central Animal Records
Central Animal Records is Australia's leading commercial Animal Registry and provides microchipping and collar tags (without microchips) for all sorts of animals. Their recovery service is available by telephone or via the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
National Pet Register
The National Pet Register is an Australia wide free pet ID service established and operated by The Lost Dogs' Home and Cat Shelter. The service operates Australia-wide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, has been in operation for more than 10 years and has become Australia's largest free pet ID service. is for people who want their lost pets home as quickly as possible and who are unashamed pet lovers. Petsafe uses technology to identify pets through a powerful combination of a hidden microchip under their skin & an easily read Petsafe collar tag also with its own unique number.

Online Shopping
I have listed only those companies from which I have made a purchase,
and whose customer service and goods handling was as good as my expectations!

  • Pet Supplies On Line : has a good range, and is expanding all the time. Friendly *small business* service.

  • National Pharmacies : stock the entire Bach Flower Remedies range, including Rescue Remedy. Fast service.

  • Vet Shop Online : has a small but select range of useful products. Friendly service.

  • Express Vet Products : Australian owned business, with currncy converter for 6 other countries. Fast and friendly!

Dog Sports
There's a lot more than just showing that you can do with your dog!

Dog Sports

Conformation Showing

Health & Diet
Drugs & Medications | Conditions | Vaccinations | Diet | Saying Goodbye

Drugs & Medications

  • Bach Flower Centre : The original discoverer of Bach Flower Remedies was Edward Bach - he lived at the site of the current Bach Centre. [USA]

  • Bach Flower Remedies & Pets : Some information about the wonderful Bach Flower Remedies and using them with your pets. [USA]


  • Heartworm : Heartworm disease is becoming very widespread - PREVENTION is far better than the the cure. [USA]


Diet --- There are more Diet Links on the Gang's Diet Page!

  • Natural Dog Food : Carol's dog food site - have a look at her beautiful Pyrenees! [USA]

Saying Goodbye

  • : A friendly and helpful site for those who need support in coping with the loss of a friend [USA]

Breeding your dog

The Lost Dogs' Home

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