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December 1994

I finally persuaded James to get me a puppy... but *no large dogs* was the rule we decided on! We had been camping on Eyre Peninsula in the past and made friends with a family who owned Jack Russell Terriers. The dogs were well-behaved, spunky and smart.... so we decided on a JRT.
It was a week before Christmas, 1994. There was an ad in the newspaper - Jack Russells... $200, 1 girl, 4 boys - we went and looked... they were gorgeous, of course - and we were blind to their environment - flea ridden and dirty, with dog hair and dirt everywhere, another 3 JRT's and a couple of mixed breeds outside. It wasn't the best way to raise a litter, in my opinion.
Sally - 6 weeks
But we were sold on the cute factor... and we took Sally home, fleas and all. She was gorgeous, once she'd had a bath and we'd removed the fleas... not hard on a white dog! She loved Kibby, my sister's kitten, who was boarding with us for a while. Five days after we bought Sally, James headed off to our shack on Yorke Peninsula for Christmas. I stayed in Adelaide, enjoyed the Festive Season with my family, and then joined James and Sally at the shack... and she remembered me! After only 5 days, and with a week's break, the little pup remembered me!!! We spent a month at the shack, Sally enjoyed every minute of it, and also managed to con James into letting her sleep IN (as opposed to ON) the bed! We returned to Adelaide with a happy, healthy little tyke - she was truly a joy to live with.
Three months or so after Christmas we read about a Jack Russell Terrier Lure Racing Day. Sounds like fun, we thought... we had a Jack Russell, though she had no papers she was pure bred. She had a ball, and at 5 and a half months of age, won most of her age groups races too. I was so proud! But then we were approached by a Club Member, who informed us that our dog was not a Jack Russell - true she didn't really look as big as the others, though we thought her just small for her age. The Club Member suggested that rather than returning to the JRT club again, perhaps we should try the Mini Fox Terrier Club.
Sally & Kibby
First thing we did when we got home, was to look for the Mini Foxy Club in the Adelaide telephone book - no such thing listed there... what a disappointment!
September 1995
6 months later (Sally was nearly 10 months old), whilst up at the shack again, we saw Burke's Back Yard on TV - a house and garden type program... in which he 'road tests' various breeds - that day's road test was the TENTERFIELD TERRIER - and both of us instantly yelled - 'THAT'S SALLY!'

When we got home, we went through the phone books immediately - YES! there was the Tenterfield Terrier Club of Australia Inc listed and it was quite near to us. I talked to the secretary for about half an hour, I told her all about our Sally (probably bored her to tears! :o), and she said that Sally sounded wonderful, there was a show day coming up really soon and would we like to bring her along? Of course we would... We took her along to the show and they accepted her then and there as Foundation Breeding Stock - she was the right size, weight, colour - eveything!!! Though she has never won any prizes in Conformation Shows (due to becoming quite fond of her food :o), we decided to breed her with a nice dog with good breeding which produced five healthy pups.
March 1997
On the 24th of March, Sal gave us 5 beautiful and healthy pups. She was an excellent mother, though it took a few days for her instincts to kick in! Her pups were whelped between 10am and 1pm - what an easy whelping she had. The vet was satisfied with her condition --- it was me that everyone was concerned about!! There are more details about Sal's pups on their own page here, including birth data and pictures, and a pic of the sire - Digger.

In the weeks after whelping Sally was changed from a commercial to a BARF-based diet, and the pups were raised on a combo of BARF and Supercoat Puppy Dry, and I supplemented both Sally and the pups (once they could lap from a bowl) with Animalac. Sally's recovery was very fast and she had plenty of milk for all five pups until they were weaned at about 4 weeks.
Pups - Week 8
January 1998
Sally - 4.5 years
Once Sally recovered from whelping, and the pups had gone to their homes, I took her along to Dover Gardens Obedience and Kennel Club regularly - mainly for fun and socialising with pooch friends, rather than for competition. We made excellent progress. We started in Basic before Sally had her litter, had rather a long break when the pups came along and didn't get back to 'school' until the following year (1998).

In 1998 Sally moved from Basic to Intermediate on her 3rd graduation attempt and I began to feel there was no point in pursuing a formal completion of 'school' with her. However when we eventually arrived in the Intermediate Class and when we started the long lead work (Recalls and Stays), we started to achieve again - Sally had obviously been bored in Basic!
We graduated from Intermediate into Advanced on our 2nd attempt, and so began 1999 in the Advanced Class where we started off-lead work! Sally did quite well in this class, but eventually became bored again, before graduating. This signalled the end of her 'schooling'. I am now happy to have her off-lead in a safe environment - she will return (reluctantly, but reasonably promptly) when called.
October 2005

Sally will be 11 years old in November 2005. She now enjoys the quiet life, having moved to outback NSW. Her main thought in life is where the sunniest spot is morning, noon and night, and when the next meal will arrive. Between sunning herself and eating, Sally walks along the Edward River with her friends Zoom & Thomas or reminds the Salukis Arella & Moss that she's still the boss.
Sally - 7.5 years
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