Thomas - collage of images, 2004
Breed Jack Russell Terrier (maybe a cross?), small size (7kgs), short hair
D.O.B. unknown - at a guess sometime in 2000
Colour tan and white, with a black muzzle
Temperament friendly, playful, enjoys the company of other dogs of any size
not good with smaller children, but enjoys playing with teenagers who respect dogs
good on a lead, sits or drops to a voice/hand signal, comes to his name reliably
Health Status
desexed 2002
wormed regularly (last treatment: April 2006)

Thomas has had a broken leg which had been pinned. When he came into rescue he had very old stiches overgrown with skin and hair which our vet removed along with the pin. The vet commented that his leg has healed nicely. There is no way of knowing what actually happened to him. He is currently an active dog who goes free-running for 30 - 45 minutes at a time.
Other Info
Thomas is microchipped and has lifetime registration with Central Animal Records.
Date into care August 17th, 2002
Location NSW (Golden Rivers District), Can relocate to any state
Contact Sonia by email or phone: 0428 835 743 last updated: 6-05-06

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